Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) introduces a latest match-3 game on Facebook “Fairy Tale Twist”


Dallas, Texas 08/12/2013 (Financialstrend) – Zynga has rolled out a novel game on the social networking giant, Facebook. The game has been named as ‘Fairy Tale Twist’.

The free-to-play label is one in a series of games, which got introduced under the supervision of Don Mattrick, Zynga’s CE since early July.

Zynga Slingo to get removed from social networking site, Facebook

As per latest reports, Zynga Slingo, the Facebook social casino application program introduced by Zynga in association with game maker Slingo, will get removed from the social networking giant by August end.

Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) shuts down OMGPOP

Recently, stressed social gamer Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA) closed its OMGPOP site together with the majority of its labels. The well known company is still holding on to Draw Something that was the driving force behind the acquirement. Oddly, ex OMGPOP staff had reportedly offered to purchase a few of these assets and holding from the company, but to no avail.

Zynga Inc (ZNGA) registers loss in its second quarter

Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) has announced its results for the three month period ended June 30, 2013. The company registered a loss per scrip of $1 cent for period under review on income of $231 million.

During the same period of last year, the social gaming giant recorded income of $332 million.

Gambling on Zynga Inc (ZNGA)’s outlook

In spite of the declining figures on both revenue and earnings thus far in 2013, shareholders are attracted towards Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA). The company’s scrip gained around 50 per cent up till now during 2013. The main cause for the hopefulness around the company’s scrip is, in spite of its protestations, that Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) is turning into a casino.

Facebook is Zynga’s last hope

Gambling is a tricky trouble for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The firm requires upholding a family-responsive image with the aim to avert parents from banning their children from the site.