Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ:ZNGA) Releases A New Slot Game Based on the Princess Bride


Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ:ZNGA) has released Princess Bride Slotson the free to play casino floor. The game is available on various platforms and has been developed by the team behind Wizard of Oz Slots. The slot game follows the story from the original fantasy novel and has real sounds. The game features various characters from the storybook and has other attractions like Progressive Jackpots, mini games and many bonuses.

The once hot gaming developer gained immense publicity and fortune after its game Farmville became a smash hit. Since then the company has fallen on hard times, Farmville has lost its former glory and the later releases by Zynga did not replicate the success of its blockbuster. The company has seen its stock value plunge and the latest resignation of its CFO indicate that the company is not in the best of shapes. There has also been a steep decline in users of Zynga’s apps and the latest quarterly report states that the number of active users declined by 27% year over year.

However despite the financial woes of the company, Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ:ZNGA) surprised everyone by outperforming expectations in the third quarter by registering a more than expected increase in both bookings and profitability. The growth is primarily attributable to the increase in mobile app users who have offset some of the setback from the decline in PC users. The company has also put in place various cost cutting measures which seems to have worked out in increasing the profitability; however the key concern remains the shrinking of user base.

With Princess Bride slot the gaming company is trying to tap into the $3.4 billion social-casino gaming industry. The game also targets the fans of Princess Bride which is a classic loved by many. Zynga’s slot games like Hit it Rich and Wizard of Oz slots have performed well and the company would be hoping to repeat the same with their new release.