Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) Unveils Harry Potter And Another Game

Zynga Inc

Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) is a company that focuses in the provision of social game services. It comes up with the games and also undertakes the marketing activities. It was today that the business guru unveiled two games called the Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.

A close outlook

An official working with the company says that they have so far invested quite much in the latest undertaking. To the company what matters the most is its capacity to win over the hearts of many gamers.

From the look of things, the coming year looks promising. The company does the Harry Potter game over the second half of next year. An official working with it outlines that they have accomplished much in line with the licensing agreement with Warner Bros.

Frank Gibeau, the current CEO of the company answered a number of questions in an interview conducted by GamesBeat. The officials applauded the progress the company has made so far terming the new games interactive entertainment.

The turn of events

The official says that as a company they do not shy away from making profitable deals with any company. Gibeau disclosed details regarding the licensing agreement struck with HBO. They sought to develop to Game of Thrones versions that would give gamers a wild and exciting time.

The official says the game comes in two well-defined versions. The business giant unveils the social casino slots game first and that is by mid next year. It hopes to consider a number of factors such as remarkable graphics, an outstanding story and interesting territories and characters.

The Gram Games division of Zynga at the moment has its focus on several new and interesting games. The company purchased the division in May. At the moment it wishes it all the best towards the advancement of -the Merge! Casual game franchise.

Gibeau reveals that the games at this point in time are in the soft launch mode. If all moves according to plan, the official said next year will pull along with great news for gamers. We will just have to wait and see.